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Bumper Buddies University, Denver, Colorado

Our mobile service comes to you to repair car doors, bumpers, and fenders.

University, Denver, CO Drivers’ Top-Rated Mobile Dent and Bumper Repair Service

University, Denver, CO drivers are living in a time when nearly everything is streamlined for convenience. Our world is one of online booking, delivery services and automized payment methods.

Traditional autobody repair shops don’t seem to have gotten the memo. Your mechanic will leave you without your vehicle for days, waiting to finally get the call that your is ready for pickup. You can only pay in person, and the bill is guaranteed to be astronomical.

Bumper Buddies’ mobile dent and bumper repair service is built for busy Coloradoans. We come to you, assessing and repairing your minor vehicle damage right on the spot. No more waiting around the phone – we’ll have your vehicle looking flawless in just a few hours. Submit your damage today and let Bumper Buddies get you back on the road in time for your evening commute.

Precision Autobody Repairs that Won’t Break the Bank

Unlike traditional autobody mechanics, Bumper Buddies technicians will never upcharge you for services you don’t need. Our mobile business model operates with minimal overhead costs, allowing us to provide flawless repairs at price points you won’t find anywhere else.

Our technicians have extensive bumper and dent repair experience with extra training in repairing minor dents and dings. Whether your car was scratched by a shopping cart, rear-ended at a light or dented by hail, we have the expertise to transform your exterior in time for the drive home.

Because we never want to charge you more than we have to, Bumper Buddies technicians are trained in paintless dent repair. This specialized process involves carefully massaging a dented panel back into place, and is perfect for some minor dents and dings. Because it doesn’t require paint, this method is an ideal and cost-effective way to service some minor damages.

Why We’re University, Denver, CO’s Go-To Dent Repair Service

For over two decades, we’ve been going and above and beyond for our clients. Bumper Buddies was created with the mission of getting drivers back on the road happy with their service; that’s why we back each repair service with our three-year warranty guarantee. Should your vehicle suffer and fading or peeling following a paint job, we’ll make things right.

Besides flawless repairs, Bumper Buddies is committed to friendly, fast and convenient customer service. Find out for yourself  why countless University, Denver, CO drivers know and love our mobile dent repair service –  give us a call at (720) 707-1155 or text us at (949)899-1055 to submit your damage today.

Our mobile repairs speak for itself!

We’re mobile! Our customer service is beyond comparison and our top priority is providing the highest quality of auto repair service through friendly and honest work. Contact Bumper Buddies today for your bumper woes!

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Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp

Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp