How to Protect Your Car from Parking Lot Mobile Dent Repair Scams

Published On: March 28, 2022

An unfortunate trend that has emerged over recent years in the auto repair industry is parking lot mobile dent repair scams. Scammers looking to make a quick buck are taking advantage of drivers who have been in an accident and their need for bumper and dent repair

Not only are these scams coming at the financial expense of drivers, but the repairs provided also are often unreliable and harmful. While you may not feel like these scams can’t happen to you, you could fall victim if you are unaware of what to look out for.  

What Does a Parking Lot Scam Entail?

Scammers will typically approach drivers with noticeable damage to their vehicles in parking lots or shopping centers. They often sell themselves as a quick and reliable solution that allows drivers to avoid more costly and time-consuming dent removal services. 

This pitch can be pretty convincing for inexperienced drivers and those unaware of such scams, and it may seem preferable to other options.  

Signs of a Mobile Dent Repair Scam

Scammers usually give all of their victims the same explanation after finishing their work. After they coat cheap wax or store-bought dent filler over the damaged area, they tell drivers to wait a few hours or days before wiping it off. The promised result is the complete removal of the dent or damage that has occurred. 

Sadly, this is never the result and is a way for scammers to mask their lack of success or even hide that they’ve caused further damage. If you’ve been given this explanation, you’re likely being scammed, and it’s best to stop engaging with the scammer before they make things worse. 

How to Avoid Being Scammed

If you’re approached by someone touting their repair services, it’s essential not to be afraid to ask questions. Ask for their credentials and what makes them qualified to handle your vehicle. Also, ask to see what tools they plan to use for your dent repair. They should have more than just car wax or body filler on them. If they cannot answer your questions sufficiently, they’re likely a scammer looking to take advantage of you.   

Ultimately, the best way to avoid getting scammed is to get help from a reputable mobile dent repair service like Bumper Buddies. With Bumper Buddies, drivers are provided affordable, effective and reliable mobile dent repair services that can fulfill any need. Along with quality, our dent removal process can guarantee convenience, as we drive directly to our client’s preferred location and offer a long-lasting, on-site fix for their damage issues. Our mobile bumper paint and dent repairs are the best in the business and will restore your vehicle to its original optimal state. To learn more about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call today at (888) 711-5074 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

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