The Most Common Days and Times for Auto Accidents

Published On: May 20, 2021

The road can be a hazardous place for drivers which means that you need to be aware and cognizant whenever you’re in your vehicle. From pedestrians to other vehicles, and precarious weather conditions, drivers simply cannot afford to be distracted no matter the circumstances. Although the road is always a busy place, there are certain times and days that see more accidents involving drivers. Here are the most common days and times for auto accidents. 

Day of the Week

Although weekdays often see more traffic and activity, Saturday is actually the day in which drivers suffer the most auto accidents. This is because Saturday is on the weekend which is a time for an abundance of activities involving entertainment and pleasure. Parties and trips to nightclubs and bars often occur on the weekend. This means an increase in intoxicated drivers on the road which leads to more incidents and danger.  


A location that frequently sees auto incidents is a parking lot. In a parking lot, there’s a lot going on and many hazards to look out for which is why you need to be on high alert. From distracted pedestrians to negligent drivers, your vehicle can very easily obtain a scratch, ding, or dent, despite your best efforts. Minimize your risk by trying to park in a less populated area and exercising caution whenever driving.

Time of Year 

With the summer quickly approaching, it should be noted that this particular time of the year is the season that sees the most collisions and accidents. The reason for this is because more drivers are out on the road. Families with children are trying to take advantage of the break that students are on to take getaway trips. There are also teen drivers out and about who suddenly have more free time to get behind the wheel.

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