Why the Original Factory Finish on Your Car’s Bumper Paint Is More Important Than You Think

Published On: June 28, 2023

Many drivers are surprised to know that there’s value in maintaining your vehicle’s original paint job. Even if you have your vehicle repaired or repainted, value is lost compared to a pristine original paint job.

So, if you’re in an accident, what’s the best course of action to maintain this original factory finish? If you’re in need of dent repair, paintless dent removal is a quick and effective way to repair your vehicle to its original glory while keeping the original factory finish paint intact.

What Is Factory Finish Paint?

Factory finish paint is the original layer of paint that your car receives during manufacturing. It’s the car’s original protective coating, and in most cases, the factory paint is unique to the vehicle it was applied to. 

As the vehicle’s protective coating, the factory finish paint job is intended to last for years against the elements while maintaining your vehicle’s pristine condition. However, most drivers damage their car’s factory finish at one point or another, compromising the integrity of the original finish and reducing the vehicle’s value.

The Value of Original Factory Finish Paint

A vehicle’s original factory finish is an expensive asset, and one that car owners should take good care of. If you’re selling a rare, expensive, or otherwise sought-after car, many buyers will want to know whether your car has the original factory finish paint job.

There isn’t an exact value attached to preserving the vehicle’s factory finish, but a repainted car is almost always worth less in overall resale value than a vehicle whose factory finish is intact. In addition to the value of having a car in its original, manufacturer-intended state, having an intact factory finish also indicates that the vehicle hasn’t been in any accidents, and you won’t find any concealed damage after purchase.

Methods for Bumper Paint Repair

If you do get in an accident that leaves you in need of dent repair, you have several repair options, one of which can preserve the car’s original paint job.

If your dents haven’t scratched or otherwise affected the vehicle’s bumper paint, paintless dent repair (PDR) is the perfect repair solution. With PDR, your technician will use specialized heat tools to massage out the dent and restore your car’s panel to its original shape without compromising the paint job. Not only does this preserve the value of the factory finish, but PDR is also one of the quickest and most affordable repair options on the market. At Bumper Buddies, we can complete most PDRs in just an hour or two.

If your car’s paint job has been chipped, scratched or otherwise flawed and repainting is unavoidable, trust Bumper Buddies with your bumper paint repair. Our mobile service will travel to you and offer you ultimate convenience without sacrificing quality. All of our paint repairs are performed with top-of-the-line, computer-matched PPG paints that utilize your vehicle’s VIN for an exact match to the original factory finish. By custom blending our PPG paints, we can guarantee that your new paint job will blend seamlessly into your car’s original factory finish, preserving as much value as possible. 

We use the same supplies and processes used by body shop technicians but with lower prices and a customer satisfaction guarantee. To receive a free estimate for Bumper Buddies mobile auto body repair, give us a call today at 310-340-0902, text us at 949-799-1413, or contact us online.

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