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Bumper Buddies Escondido

Our mobile service comes to you to repair car doors, bumpers, and fenders.

Mobile Dent and Bumper Repair Services for Escondido, CA Drivers

Leaving your vehicle at the mechanic is a pain. You’re stuck without your car, they don’t usually know when it’ll be ready for pickup, they hand you a ridiculous bill — you know the drill.

Escondido, CA deserves better, which is why we’re proud to offer mobile dent and bumper repair services for Escondido, CA residents. Created to save drivers time and money on minor vehicle repairs, Bumper Buddies will assess and repair your damage right at your preferred location. 

Whether you were scraped in the grocery store parking lot or rear-ended at a light, Bumper Buddies will get your vehicle looking flawless. Contact us online or call us at (619) 345-5524 to submit your minor vehicle damage today.

Expert Autobody Technicians That Never Upcharge

Old-school body shops will have you paying for services your vehicle never needed. Bumper Buddies does things differently. We’re a smart, cost-effective alternative to filing an insurance claim for minor dents, ding and scratches.

Our unique mobile model allows us to provide precision bumper and dent repair services at a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar auto repair shops. Our technicians have extensive experience in various autobody repair services and techniques. 

Bumper Buddies’ repair techs will never upcharge you. During your complimentary assessment, we’ll break down exactly what we recommend for repairing your vehicle. If you decide to go ahead with the repairs, we’ll service your car right on the spot and walk you through as much of our process as you’d like.

Why Escondido, CA Chooses Bumper Buddies

When you choose Bumper Buddies, you’ll always be treated as more than just another appointment. Our five-star Yelp rating speaks for us – Escondido, CA drivers can count on our team to be friendly, honest and reliable. 

We’ll assess your damage wherever it’s most convenient for you – obligation-free. If you decide to go ahead with repairs, we’ll walk you through as much of our process as you care to know to let you know exactly what we’re doing to fix your damage.

Our team of coordinators is excited to book your first appointment and get you back on the road feeling good about your vehicle. Give us a call at (619) 345-5524 or text us at 949-799-1413 to submit your minor vehicle damage today!

Our mobile repairs speak for itself!

We’re mobile! Our customer service is beyond comparison and our top priority is providing the highest quality of auto repair service through friendly and honest work. Contact Bumper Buddies today for your bumper woes!

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Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp

Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp