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Bumper Buddies Studio City

Our mobile service comes to you to repair car doors, bumpers, and fenders.

The Hassle-free bumper repair services

At Bumper Buddies, we understand that even a small bump, dent, or scratch on your car can be a big deal. Unfortunately, even small cosmetic damage to your car can be a massive hassle to repair at a traditional auto body shop. That’s why we use mobile repair services to fix your vehicle. Rather than force you to drop off your car at a shop and spend days without it, we’ll drive out to meet you and repair the damage to your vehicle right then and there. We accomplish in hours what it takes other repair services days to complete!

Save both time and money with Bumper Buddies

With Bumper Buddies, you can save both time and money. Simply text us pictures of your car’s damage, and we can provide you with an estimate on the cost of repairs and begin scheduling an appointment. Whether you’re at work, school, home, or your favorite bookstore, one of our technicians will meet you there and begin servicing your vehicle, removing dents, patching cracks, and repainting scratches. All of our technicians are fully certified and complete their repairs to the same standards you would get at a typical repair shop, but at a lower cost and with greater convenience.

Why should I choose Bumper Buddies?

Bumper Buddies has been repairing bumpers and removing dents for over twenty years. We take pride in every repair we perform, which is why we offer a three-year repair guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the results of our work, we’ll continue coming out and servicing your vehicle until you’re happy. We cover Studio City and all of Southern California and will travel to wherever you need us. Take the stress out of bumper repair and call us today at (213) 285-0999or fill out the form below to receive a free estimate

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Our mobile repairs speak for itself!

We’re mobile! Our customer service is beyond comparison and our top priority is providing the highest quality of auto repair service through friendly and honest work. Contact Bumper Buddies today for your bumper woes!

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Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp

Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp