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Bumper Buddies Marina Del Rey, CA

Our mobile service comes to you to repair car doors, bumpers, and fenders.

Leading Bumper repair experts in Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey drivers who have suffered vehicle damage can attest that Bumper Buddies is the clear choice for auto body repairs. This is because our bumper repair package perfectly balances convenience, reliability, and affordability. As we are a mobile repair service, we can provide immediate assistance for your repair needs. Our technicians will drive to your location and address the vehicle damage on-site. However, Bumper Buddies doesn’t just stop at convenience. We also provide high-quality bumper repairs that are affordable for all of our customers. Contact us today to find out why so many Marina Del Rey residents have chosen Bumper Buddies over the traditional auto body shop.

Positive bumper repair experience

Bumper Buddies has made a name for itself within communities like Marina Del Rey because we continuously provide a positive customer experience for drivers who put their trust in us. We’ve been able to do this by being straight-forward and honest with our customers from the beginning of the repair process to the end. Part of our efforts to be transparent involves providing a free quote to drivers so that they’re aware of all the possible costs of repairs. Along with being transparent, we also work to ensure that our repairs are brisk and convenient. It’s our goal that our technicians can be in and then out in just a few hours, allowing you to get back on the road immediately. This all culminates in what we believe is a positive experience for our drivers.

Why Bumper Buddies?

Bumper Buddies’ extensive record of success and effectiveness has allowed us to gain the trust of Southern California and Marina Del Rey drivers. We’ve gotten this far because we provide durable and reliable repairs for drivers. There’s no scratch, dent, or puncture that our experienced technicians cannot handle with ease. We have full confidence in our expertise, which is why our repairs come with a three-year warranty that covers all color fading and natural peeling. To experience everything that Bumper Buddies can provide, call us at (213) 285-0999 or text us at 949-799-1413 for a free estimate.

Our mobile repairs speak for itself!

We’re mobile! Our customer service is beyond comparison and our top priority is providing the highest quality of auto repair service through friendly and honest work. Contact Bumper Buddies today for your bumper woes!

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Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp

Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp