Things to Know About Color Matching in Mobile Dent Repair

Published On: November 23, 2021

Car paint-matching technology has made tremendous strides over the past few years and has made things much easier for drivers and repair services. Mobile repair services like Bumper Buddies can now find an exact match for your vehicle’s paint, even with fading and wear and tear. The next time you suffer a dent and experience some paint removal, a mobile bumper scratch repair service can restore your car’s paint, making it look brand-new. If you need bumper paint services, it is essential to learn the importance of color matching and mobile dent repair

How Color Matching Works

Vehicle paint colors are all assigned codes that tell those working on your car the exact color they are dealing with. These codes often have variants within them based on their shade and several other factors. Technicians can determine the code of a vehicle’s paint with the help of a computerized color match technology system. This is how technicians can find an exact color match for your bumper paint and apply it when making repairs. 

Finding the Best Bumper Paint Service

Ensuring a successful dent repair and bumper paint experience starts with choosing a team of professionals who can be trusted to handle your vehicle. Before committing to anything, do your diligence and ask the mobile repair service you’re considering what their paint process looks like. You should also learn about the team’s amount of experience and if they have the necessary qualifications and equipment to match your vehicle’s paint down to the exact shade. Asking these kinds of questions and doing research will help you find a mobile bumper repair service that delivers world-class results and a quality experience, such as the bumper paint experts at Bumper Buddies.

The Dent Repair and Paint Process

At Bumper Buddies, we make the dent repair process convenient for drivers. Our technicians start by removing the car panel and reshaping the metal with a heating tool to help restore it to its original look. Our team then sands and smooths the area to address any scratches or chips. After doing all of this, they repaint the area with computer-matched PPG paint that guarantees a 100% color match. Not only is PPG paint environmentally friendly, but it is also high-quality and will ensure an impeccable paint job. 

When it comes to mobile dent repairs and repainting your vehicle, Bumper Buddies has the best quality and reliability in the industry. We are a mobile auto repair service that comes directly to you and provides a long-lasting, exceptional solution for your vehicle’s dents or scratches. You can count on our mobile dent repairs to get your vehicle back to its original optimal state. To learn more about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call today at (888) 711-5074 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.