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Bumper Buddies Loma Linda, CA

Our mobile service comes to you to repair car doors, bumpers, and fenders.

North Central, Loma Linda, CA’s Leading Bumper Repair Choice

Few things are more frustrating than a fender bender. Not only do they throw a wrench in your commute that day, but finding the time to repair the damages can be nearly impossible. 

With Bumper Buddies’ mobile dent and bumper repair service, you no longer have to drop your car off at the mechanic overnight. We’ll bring the body shop right to your preferred location in North Central, Loma Linda, CA, assessing and repairing your damage in just a few hours. 

Our quick and quality dent repair services have made us a top choice for autobody services in the Inland Empire. Contact us today by calling (909) 479-6868 or texting (949) 899-1055 today.

Quality Mobile Dent Repair Services

Our dent repair technicians make high-quality autobody services convenient. We use the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly erase any sign of an accident.

Traditional dent repair services require removing damaged panels and using a heat tool to reshape the metal. This process is incredibly time-consuming and costly. 

Bumper Buddies technicians use a far more efficient and cost-effective process. We’ll sand, smooth and fill damaged areas, then use computer technology to ensure a 100 percent paint match. You’ll drive home looking like the damage never even happened

Why the Inland Empire Trusts Bumper Buddies

The Bumper Buddies team is made up of hard-working, honest individuals. We pride ourselves on providing North Central, Loma Linda, CA with high-quality, transparent and friendly service at every dent repair and bumper repair appointment.

We know how frustrating going to the mechanic can be, and we strive to make your experience with our technicians a great one. We’ll walk you through as much of our repair process as you’d like, never upcharge you for unneeded services and always ensure your 100 percent satisfaction. We’ll even back your service with a three-year warranty.

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Our mobile repairs speak for itself!

We’re mobile! Our customer service is beyond comparison and our top priority is providing the highest quality of auto repair service through friendly and honest work. Contact Bumper Buddies today for your bumper woes!

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Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp

Over 600 5-star reviews on Yelp