4 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Auto Repair Service Technicians

Published On: April 27, 2021

If you’re someone who is not completely familiar with mobile auto repair services, you have likely heard and been exposed to myths and misinformation about it. The source of these myths is often either traditional auto body shops or individuals who are not aware of what services mobile auto repair technicians actually provide. Contrary to some perceptions floating around, mobile repair services can be trusted by drivers to address any vehicle needs in a convenient, but reliable manner. Here are four common misconceptions about mobile auto repair service technicians that are simply not true. 

The Mobile Service Technicians Aren’t Skilled Enough

At Bumper Buddies, we can attest to the skill, expertise, and experience of our mobile auto repair service technicians. Our certified technicians are licensed and have the knowledge to address any issue that you may be having with your vehicle. As we are a mobile bumper and dent repair service that prides itself on reliability and convenience, our technicians have to be incredibly skilled as they have been trained to work on all types of vehicle models.

The Quality of Repairs Isn’t High

Traditional auto body shops will argue that mobile repair services cannot deliver high-quality repairs. This simply is not true as shown by the work of Bumper Buddies. We have consistently provided industry-leading bumper and dent repairs to drivers through our use of modern technologies and equipment. Our quality of repairs is higher than anything else offered in the industry. 

The Costs are Too Expensive

The costs of mobile auto repair services like Bumper Buddies are actually lower than your typical auto body shop. This is because of our status as a mobile service. Our technicians come to you and provide any repairs or fixes that are required in just a few hours. This means that we do not include overhead costs in our bills to our clients. Meanwhile, auto body repair services that operate out of a facility will often charge you for overhead costs. These costs add up and ultimately make their services much more expensive. 

The Services Offered Are Limited

If you’re someone who is worried that a mobile repair service might not address the issue that you’re having, you can drop your fears. Bumper Buddies offers a wide array of services that will definitely address any issue that your vehicle may be suffering from. From scratches to dents and punctures, there is nothing that our skilled team won’t provide a comprehensive repair or fix for.

For the best mobile repair services in the industry, Bumper Buddies is here for you. We have proven time and again that we can be trusted to provide world-class auto body repairs and maintenance works that are affordable for drivers. Our bumper and dent repairs are high-quality and will restore your vehicle back to its perfect condition as if nothing ever happened to it. For more information about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call today or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

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