Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing Mobile Auto Repair Experts

When you’ve suffered vehicle damage, you’re going to want to get in touch with auto repair experts that you know you can count on. However, due to the convenient nature of mobile auto repair, many have shifted to choosing mobile auto repairs. But how do you decide which mobile auto repair specialist you can place your trust in? Here are some questions that you need to ask when you’re choosing an auto body repair solution for your vehicle. 

Are you qualified and certified to do the job? 

You want your mechanic to be qualified and certified to handle your repairs. Ask your potential technicians if they are certified by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). If they are, this should give you some confidence that your mechanic has the knowledge and skills to get the job done well. Bumper Buddies is certified by both I-CAR and ASE and registered with the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This means that you know you can trust Bumper Buddies for repairs and services.

How much experience do you have?

It’s good to know how long your mechanic has worked in the industry and the type of record that they have. You should aim to work with someone that has extensive experience with auto repairs and has come across every issue that there is to see. They should also have a lengthy record of success and reliability. There’s nothing wrong with being new in the industry, but ideally, you want someone who has done it before and will do it again for you. 

Are you insured?

No matter how much certainty there may appear to be, accidents can always happen. That’s why you need to make sure that your mechanic is insured so that you know that you’re protected. Bumper Buddies is fully insured on every level. We have general and property insurance along with workers’ comp. In addition, we also protect drivers by offering a 3-year warranty that covers all color fading and natural peeling.

Finding the right auto repair experts can be tough, but luckily Bumper Buddies is here for you. We are a trusted source for stellar auto body repair and maintenance work, which are also affordable for our customers. Our repairs will restore your vehicle back to its original condition and make it look like you were never even in an accident. For more information about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call today or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Photographing Your Car’s Damage

When you’ve suffered vehicle damage, you’ll want to carefully review all of your available options and select a repair service that is both reliable and affordable. Some auto repair services like Bumper Buddies offer free estimates for services so that drivers are aware of their options before making any decisions. These estimates are determined by looking at photos of the vehicle damage. However, the accuracy of the estimates depends on the quality of the photos you take. The next time you’re photographing your car’s damage, here are three mistakes to avoid when photographing the damage on your car.

Bad Lighting and Focus

Bad lighting and a blurry photo will make getting an accurate estimate for your vehicle damage nearly impossible. When you take your photos, make sure that there is enough lighting and that the camera is correctly focused. Doing so will help ensure that your photos are clear and high-quality.

Not Accurately Photographing Small Dents

Dents and less noticeable vehicle damage can be difficult to photograph. We recommend standing a few feet back and at a 30 to 60-degree angle from the damage when photographing small dents. This perspective will ideally provide enough lighting to help make the dent noticeable in the photos taken. 

Not Showing the Extent of the Damage

Taking extreme close-up photos could be detrimental because you may not be showing the full extent of the vehicle damage. This can affect the accuracy of the estimate because not all of the available information is being provided to us. Close-up photos are not completely unwanted because of the details they can reveal, but drivers should also be taking photos from a distance as well. 

Once you’ve taken all of the necessary photos, get in touch with Bumper Buddies to take advantage of our free estimate offer to drivers. Our knowledgeable team will give you an accurate and reasonable quote for your vehicle damage. From there, you can experience our world-class auto body repair and maintenance work that is the best in the industry. Our stellar repairs are not only reliable but also affordable. For more information about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call at a number at your nearest location or fill out our online form for a free estimate.

4 Tips for Staying Safe & Social Distancing After a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident especially during these times can be a stressful experience. With many rightly worried about their health and well-being, having to juggle between managing your vehicle’s damage while exercising the necessary health precautions can feel overwhelming. However, having the right practices can help keep you and others safe in the aftermath of a car incident. Here are four tips for staying safe while maintaining social distance after a car accident.

Prioritize Safety

Before exiting your vehicle, make sure that the road and your surroundings are safe. Survey the scene and see if anybody is hurt. If someone is injured, call 911 immediately for assistance. If your vehicle suffered heavy damage, report the accident to the police.

Stay Distanced

Even in a stressful situation like the aftermath of a car accident, you must still exercise COVID-safe actions for the sake and the well-being of you and the other parties at the scene. Although difficult, you must maintain composure and keep a distance of six feet from other individuals. When conversing and talking with others, don’t forget to wear a mask if you have access to one. 

Acquire the Necessary Information

After a car accident, you’ll need to acquire the necessary information for insurance purposes. From a safe distance, get the other driver’s number and exchange information through texting. You must also take photos of the damage incurred by all of the involved vehicles and the entire accident scene.

Get in Touch with a Mobile Auto Repair Company

If you’re seeking to immediately address your vehicle’s damage but want to do so in a safe manner that doesn’t risk your health, contact a mobile auto repair company like Bumper Buddies. Our experienced technicians take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe while helping restore your vehicle back to its perfect state. 

If you have suffered a car accident and need your vehicle repaired, get in touch with Bumper Buddies today. Our expert team provides unparalleled auto body repair and maintenance work that will make it look like you were never even in an accident. Our mobile bumper and dent repairs allow us to do the job conveniently without emptying your wallet. To learn more about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call at a number at your nearest location or text us at (949) 899-1055 for a free estimate.

4 Reasons Palm Springs Residents Should Invest in Bumper Repair

If you’re a Palm Springs or Coachella Valley driver with bumper damage, we recommend that you look to address it as soon as possible. Ignoring it can bring about several consequences while doing so will benefit you on multiple levels. Here are four reasons why Palm Springs and Coachella Valley residents should invest in bumper repair.

Discover Unseen Damage

Appearances can be deceiving and that’s especially true when it comes to bumper damage. Damage to your bumper can extend beyond just exterior issues. By investing in bumper repair, you can discover if the damage is worse than it seems and address it immediately.

Avoid Long-Term Damage

Damage to your bumper may not seem like much. But even a tiny crack, dent, or puncture could lead to more serious repercussions. You can avoid this by contacting repair experts like Bumper Buddies who have experience with handling these sorts of issues.

Ensure Your Safety

You can help keep yourself and those riding in your vehicle safe by investing in bumper repair. Your car’s bumper helps keep you safe because when it makes contact with another vehicle or object, it absorbs the impact and protects the people inside your vehicle. However, if your bumper is damaged, it might not be able to absorb such impact which would endanger the driver and passengers inside.

Bumper Buddies is Better Than Your Insurance

Investing in bumper repair and doing so with Bumper Buddies will benefit you in multiple ways. Reaching out to bumper repair experts like Bumper Buddies can help you avoid the inconvenience and tediousness of filing a claim with your insurance company. Bumper Buddies can repair your bumper in a cheaper and more convenient manner than your insurance company can.

If you are a driver looking for convenient auto body repairs in Palm Springs or the Coachella Valley, there’s no better place to trust than Bumper Buddies. Our team provides world-class repairs such as bumper repair, dent repair, and much more that will restore your vehicle back to its perfect condition. To learn more about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call at (760) 388-9459 or text us at (949) 899-1055 for a free quote.

Ways to Improve the Resale Value of Your Car

If you’re planning on selling your vehicle in the future, there are steps you can take now to help to maximize its value. Here are five ways to improve the resale value of your car.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your vehicle is an absolute necessity. The value of your vehicle is tied not only to its appearance but also to its condition. Timely checkups and fixes can help your car maintain its shiny look and continue running perfectly fine. Doing so will increase the value of your vehicle.

If you become aware of an issue with your car, you should immediately contact a reputable mobile auto body repair service like Bumper Buddies to immediately address it. Any unaddressed issues can deteriorate into a much more serious and expensive problem.  Whether you need dent repair or bumper repair services, Bumper Buddies has got you covered.

Protect Your Vehicle

From loose shopping carts to falling branches and bad weather, there are many factors that can damage your vehicle. That’s why it’s best to leave your vehicle in a protected area or space. Your car will be free from harm and will be able to retain its appearance. 

Limit the Mileage 

Perhaps one of the most significant factors for the resale price is mileage. The lower the mileage your car has, the higher value it can be. A more worn down vehicle with a high mileage won’t garner that high of a resale price. 

Keep a Record

Having a record of your vehicle’s repair and service can be beneficial in maximizing the value of your vehicle. A detailed record of your car’s maintenance history can show potential buyers that you’ve taken care of your vehicle and kept it in a good state during the duration of your ownership.

Keep It Clean

Similar to maintenance work, you should do a deep clean of your vehicle periodically. Cleaning the exterior and interior of your car can improve its appearance and presentation. From pet fur to miscellaneous litter and spills, your car will inevitably accrue trash and messiness over time. Maintaining a tidy and organized vehicle will increase its value because it’ll keep its new aesthetic. 

If you want to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and performance, then Bumper Buddies is the clear choice for you. Our team provides industry-leading auto body repair and maintenance work that will leave your vehicle feeling and looking brand new. Our mobile auto body repairs allow us to do the job conveniently without breaking your bank. To learn more about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call at (888) 711-5074 or text us at (949) 899-1055.

2021 New Year Resolution: Remove All Dents from Your Car!

The beginning of a new year brings with it many things including resolutions. For many, New Year’s resolutions are often difficult to attain and end up unfulfilled. For this year, why not make it easier on yourself by setting a goal that is not only straightforward to achieve but will also bring you a ton of benefits. Here’s why one of your resolutions this year should be to remove all dents from your car.

Because of how easy it is to do so, it is almost inevitable that you will dent or damage your vehicle in some manner. This is especially true for this time of the year when there is increased unfavorable weather and road conditions. When you do happen to dent your car, you will need to immediately address the issue. The damage to your vehicle could worsen to a much larger issue if it left unattended. That’s why when damage does occur to your vehicle, you should immediately contact the experts at Bumper Buddies. We offer numerous solutions like paintless dent repair that will address your needs.

PDR is a more convenient and affordable option for auto body repair. Customers who choose paintless dent repair will save money because there’s no need for paint or new panels. The process is quick as there’s no downtime waiting for parts. Our team at Bumper Buddies can immediately get in and out to ensure that all of your dents disappear. Our experienced technicians will massage the dented panels back to their pre-accident shape and restore your vehicle to its peak condition. Save yourself the trouble this year by choosing Bumper Buddies to address all of your auto body repair needs.

Get your year started right by choosing Bumper Buddies. Our team of professional technicians provides impeccable auto body repair and maintenance work that will leave your vehicle ready for anything the year throws at it. For more information about what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call at (888) 711-5074 or text us at (949) 899-1055.

3 Benefits of Using A Mobile Bumper Repair Service During the Holidays

The arrival of the holiday season can be a hectic period for Palm Springs and Coachella Valley residents. Between running errands and shopping for gifts, it can be a busy time. The hustle and bustle of the holidays means more time spent on the road driving around from one location to another. Unfortunately, increased driving means the possibility of more accidents, dings, and dents. Getting any of these three will normally keep you off the road for some time and unable to complete any of your tasks. However, you can avoid all of this by using a trusted mobile bumper repair service like Bumper Buddies. Here are three benefits to using a mobile bumper repair service for this holiday season.

Timely Repairs and Maintenance

Bumper Buddies knows that time can be valuable especially during the holidays. The last thing a person wants is to have their car stuck at a repair shop for a lengthy period of time. That’s why a mobile bumper repair service will get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. Our stellar team at Bumper Buddies can get repairs done in a matter of hours allowing you to go about your day accomplishing whatever needs to be done.

Safe and Health-Conscious

With the current climate, visiting a bumper repair shop can be a difficult decision. Customers are rightly concerned about their health and safety. That’s why using a mobile bumper repair service like Bumper Buddies who adheres to COVID-19 guidelines and exercises social distancing is preferable. Our team is masked and gloved throughout the entirety of the process. The process is nearly contactless and once the work is completed, you’ll be able to inspect the finished repairs at a safe distance.

Cost Reductions 

Bumper repair and dent removal can be expensive services. That’s why using a mobile bumper and dent repair service is preferred for those looking for an affordable option. But it can be a difficult balancing act between affordability and quality service. That’s why Bumper Buddies is the go-to choice for those seeking both. Not only does Bumper Buddies provide world-class auto body repair services, but we also do so at a cost-effective rate. Because of Bumper Buddies’ reliable service, there’s also less likely for any future costly repairs. 

There’s no better time than these holidays to pay a visit to Bumper Buddies. Our team provides unparalleled auto body repair and maintenance work that will leave your vehicle ready for anything the season throws at it. To see what Bumper Buddies can do for you, give us a call at (760) 388-9459.

Ways to Protect Your Car From Dents This Winter

For Palm Springs and Coachella Valley drivers, the winter season can be a difficult time. The seasonal weather can wreak havoc on vehicles causing dings, dents, and body damage. While avoiding these may seem impossible, there are ways to ensure your vehicle remains safe. Here are five ways to protect your car from dents this winter.

Watch Your Parking

If you’re looking to avoid dents and dings, you must be cognizant of where you are parking your vehicle. Crowded public parking lots and playgrounds are risky areas that could damage your car’s door, bumper, or fender. Whether it’s unattended to shopping carts or a loose basketball, there are several threats that can be avoided by carefully selecting your parking location.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Part of protecting your car involves regularly maintaining it and ensuring that it is at its peak condition. Winter often brings rainy weather which increases the need for having good tires. Good tires will allow your vehicle to better navigate the tough road conditions caused by the weather. With this in mind, you should also be waxing your car. Thoroughly waxing your vehicle can help repel snow, rain, and ice.

Safe Driving

With the stormy weather that the winter season brings, it’s important to exercise caution and drive safely. Be diligent of the road ahead and if necessary use your fog lights to allow for a clearer sight. Fog lights will not only protect your vehicle, but also the people inside of it.

Use Your Garage or Carport

Although generally safe, your driveway is not immune to neighborhood threats that could damage your vehicle. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you park your vehicle in your garage or carport to mitigate the risk of any incident.

Immediately Address Any Issues

If your vehicle suffers any damage or dent, you should immediately contact a company like Bumper Buddies to address it. Unaddressed scratches or dents can evolve into more serious problems that can lead to costly auto body repairs. By dealing with the issue promptly, drivers can save money and protect their vehicles.

While winter can be a challenging time for Palm Springs and Coachella Valley drivers, it doesn’t have to be this way. By choosing Bumper Buddies, customers will receive world-class service that will address all bumper repair or dent repair needs. If you’re looking to keep your car in perfect condition this winter, give us a call today at (760) 388-9459  or text us at (949) 899-1055.

What Factors into the Cost of Your Bumper Repair

For residents of Austin, TX driving around with a damaged bumper or dent can be an unpleasant experience. Perhaps even more frustrating is the cost of repairing the damage. With costs being so high at typical repair shops, it is valid for customers to wonder how their money is being used and if they’re being overcharged. Bumper Buddies seeks to be different and our philosophy involves putting our customers first. This entails full transparency and informing our customers of all of their options. When you choose Bumper Buddies to repair your vehicle’s bumper damage, here’s where your money goes. 

Auto Bumper and Dent Removal Equipment

To ensure our standard of high-quality repair work, Bumper Buddies uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done. Whether you need a dent, scratch, or scuff repair, we always use updated tools and technology to restore your vehicle back to its original perfect state. For example, our PPG paint is guaranteed to match your car’s paint color 100%. We use computer technology to match the color and then blend in the repair area with the rest of your vehicle.

Labor Costs

Bumper repair costs are often high at typical body shops because of the length of time it takes. Repairs can take days which means increased overhead costs that will be included in the final price. Bumper Buddies avoids all of this because of our elite professional team who can get the job done in a timely manner. Most of our repairs are completed within a few hours. Our labor costs are included in your quote with none of the pricey overhead costs. 

Rent Not Included

Unlike typical auto body shops, Bumper Buddies does not pass the costs of rent onto its customers. Although rent isn’t officially included on a quote, repair companies will often account for rent cost in the final price. This means the longer your vehicle is at a shop, the more you’ll be paying. Because Bumper Buddies is a mobile auto body shop, our customers won’t be stuck helping pay our rent. This means lower and more affordable repair costs.

For residents of Austin, Bumper Buddies is the go-to destination for all of your bumper repair needs. We offer unparalleled bumper repair and dent removal services at an affordable cost. For more information about what Bumper Buddies provides, give us a call today at (512) 883-5161. Our team would be thrilled to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a free estimate. 

3 Reasons Austin Drivers Love Bumper Buddies

As you drive around the busy streets of Austin, TX, it’s inevitable that even the safest drivers will find themselves in a car accident of some sort. Navigating the hustle and bustle of necessary daily transportation can be tricky and especially when you get a dent in a parking lot or a bumper crack from a fender bender. The thought of having to reach out to your insurance company, as well as dropping off and leaving your car at an auto body shop, then arranging for pick up and drop off can seem like a nightmare to anyone. Austin drivers love Bumper Buddies because we turn that nightmare into relief! 

We Are a Mobile Bumper Dent Repair Service

This means wherever you are in Austin, whether at home, work, or at your kid’s sports practices, Bumper Buddies comes to you! With decades of experience under our belt, as well as being vehicle drivers ourselves, we understand car accidents can happen anywhere, which is why we commit to making your life a little easier by bringing our mobile auto dent repair service to you. 

Convenient and Efficient Bumper Repair

Leaving your vehicle at an auto body shop for days at a time is an inconvenience that many Austin drivers understandably don’t want to deal with. This can lead to some folks driving around town with an unsightly bumper scratch, dent, hole or puncture. At Bumper Buddies we want better for our clients. Our mobile bumper repair technicians are trained with the level of experience of a brick and mortar body shop. We vow to provide you with the same quality of repair, while also matching your paint, and making your auto dent damage a thing of the past in a matter of hours, not days. This allows Austin drivers to go about their day as soon as possible.

No Overhead Means Lower Cost Dent Repair

Bumper Buddies is a veteran-owned business, and as such, we pride ourselves on full honesty and transparency with our clients. We know car accidents, even when minor, can be quite overwhelming to resolve. While some dent removal experts may try to gauge repair costs to make a quick buck in these situations, Bumper Buddies always aims to be honest and provide expert quality dent repair or other minor vehicle damage at a fair price. Being a mobile bumper dent repair service in Austin, TX allows us to save on overhead, therefore allowing us to provide more cost-effective pricing for our clients. 


Austin drivers know there’s no one they can trust more with their bumper and dent repair than Bumper Buddies. Over the past few decades, we have made it our mission to work beyond simple repairs and earn the trust of each and every client. Experience the Bumper Buddies difference that has Austin drivers talking, and call us at 512-883-7488 or fill out a form for a free no-obligation estimate on your auto dent removal needs.