How Can Bumper Scratch Repair Help You With Your Lease Return?

Published On: July 26, 2023

Leasing a vehicle provides a wide range of benefits over buying one outright, from lower monthly payments to greater flexibility in changing cars. However, since you’re essentially borrowing a vehicle from the dealership, you’ll need to return it in reasonable condition.

If you’ve damaged your leased vehicle, returning your car at the end of the lease term can be a headache of high fees, insurance penalties, and endless paperwork. Luckily, scratch and paint repair services can help restore your car to its like-new appearance, so your dealership will be none the wiser. Here’s how mobile bumper repair can help you avoid hassle with your lease return.

Returning a Leased Vehicle with Damage

If you’ve damaged a vehicle that you’re leasing, the good news is that you can still return the leased car. The bad news is that it’s likely going to cost you. This is because your lease agreement will have specific penalties or fees charged for different types of damage. For minor damage, such as reasonable scratches or small dents with no paint damage, you may not have any fees at all. For more significant damage deemed “excess wear and tear,” however, you’ll be subject to the repair costs outlined in your agreement. 

Additionally, when you return a leased vehicle with damage, the damage will be repaired by the dealership itself, which doesn’t allow you to shop around for lower rates. As a result, you may end up paying much more than you would if you had the vehicle repaired before returning it. Your insurance will also be notified by the dealership to cover the repair costs, hiking your premium and costing you in the long run, even long after the repairs are done.

Keep the Car’s Record Clean

Your monthly lease payment is designed to cover the depreciation of the vehicle as you use it over time. However, when you damage your leased car and cause excess wear and tear, the value of the car depreciates by far more than your lease payment is designed to cover. To compensate for this, virtually all dealerships will charge penalties for damaged vehicles on top of the repair costs.

When you repair your vehicle before returning it to the dealership, however, there won’t be any evident excess wear and tear or depreciation beyond what’s expected. This will help you avoid any fees in your lease agreement, so you only have to pay for the repairs performed by the third-party repair specialist. Just make sure that your dent repair specialist uses only OEM parts when repairing the vehicle, as the use of aftermarket parts can void your warranty or lease agreement and cause you to incur high repair fees and penalties.

Save Time & Money with Bumper Buddies

If you need to keep repair costs as low as possible, mobile bumper repair is the ideal solution. Repairs through the dealership are often more expensive than bumper repair performed by a local auto body shop, and a local auto body shop is often much more costly than a mobile bumper repair service. 

It’s best to collect a range of cost estimates, including your dealership’s damage penalty, to assess your repair options before you turn in your vehicle. A repair through Bumper Buddies will typically cost far less than what your dealer would charge for a damage penalty or repair, and repairs can be completed in as little as a few hours so you can return your vehicle on time, even if you booked your repair appointment last minute.

Bumper Buddies’ mobile bumper repair service will ensure that any damage to your bumper will look as good as new in a matter of hours. We’re able to clean, prep, reshape and paint the area quickly and thoroughly through the convenience of our mobile station. We always use computer-matched PPG paint for each vehicle for a 100 percent color match. This ensures that your bumper will look entirely new and seamless with no unsightly discoloration or patches. Your leasing company won’t have a problem taking back your vehicle with high-quality repairs by Bumper Buddies.

Bumper repair performed by Bumper Buddies will cost far less than what the leasing company will charge for excess wear and tear when turning in your leased vehicle. Our repairs are always performed to the highest standard and in a timely manner at an affordable price. In fact, we’re so confident in our mobile bumper repair work that we even provide a three-year satisfaction guarantee on all repairs. If you’re not happy with how your repair looks, we’ll come back out to your home, business or hotel and fix it until you’re completely satisfied. To receive a free quote or to schedule a repair service, contact us online today.

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