Three Major Causes of Bubbles Appearing After a Bumper Paint Repair

Published On: February 17, 2023

When you book a bumper repair service, you expect your exterior to look flawless afterward. It’s incredibly frustrating to spend time and money on autobody repairs just to return to a bubbly, uneven finish.

If you’ve experienced subpar results from dent repair, it’s likely because you worked with an unskilled or careless technician. Below are the three biggest causes of bubbles appearing after an autobody repair service.

Your Technician Used Too Much Paint

Bumper paint is incredibly dense, so applying thin, even layers is key. If your dent repair technician paints with a heavy hand or doesn’t let the paint cure between layers, you will likely see some bubbles. At Bumper Buddies, our bumper repair technicians allow each layer of paint time to dry completely to eliminate the risk of bubbling.

The Area Wasn’t Prepped Correctly

Unlike paintless dent repair, paint services require some prep work to ensure a smooth, professional finish. Your technician should remove dust, moisture and debris before applying any paint to a scratch or dent. Failing to do so can result in a bumpy, bubbly surface. 

The Metal Underneath Oxidized

Another reason good preparation is so important? Exposed steel will oxidize and form rust, creating bubbles that are impossible to remove without stripping the paint off entirely. Make sure to choose an autobody repair service that prioritizes proper preparation before applying paint. 

At Bumper Buddies, we guarantee every dent and bumper repair service with a three-year warranty. We’re confident in our ability to provide flawless, long-lasting autobody repairs – should you discover any bubbling, fading or natural peeling after your service, we’ll come back out and bring it up to par. 

Our commitment to excellent customer service has made us the leading choice for mobile dent and bumper repair. Book your first appointment today by contacting us online or calling (888) 711-5074!

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