The Five Most Common Types of Damage to Your Car’s Paint

Published On: November 30, 2022

Our vehicles are constantly exposed to the elements. At some point, you’re likely to need dent repair or scratch and paint repair to restore your exterior to good condition.

Today, mobile dent and bumper repair takes much of the hassle out of fixing minor vehicle damage. You no longer have to worry about taking time off work or leaving your car overnight just for minor repairs.

However, knowing what to look out for can help you prevent problems like paint damage in the first place. These are the five most common ways your vehicle’s paint can be damaged and how to avoid them. 

Paint Damage From the Sun

Prolonged sun exposure can take a toll on your vehicle’s paint. UV rays will fade the color and even cause the paint to chip, which is why you should always park in a covered or shaded area when possible. If you have to park in an uncovered area often, consider buying a car cover to help protect your exterior. 

Damage From Tree Sap

Tree sap can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint. Sap eats away at paint, leaving the metal underneath completely exposed. If you can avoid parking under a tree, do so – especially in the fall and on sunny days when tree sap is most likely to fall and land on your car. 

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings have a similar impact on vehicle paint. Because their pH level is so acidic, bird droppings will quickly break down paint. If you catch them quickly, water and baking soda will typically prevent paint damage.

Insect and Debris Damage

If you’ve looked at your windshield after a long drive, you know just how much bugs and debris can accumulate on your vehicle. Rinsing off your windshield takes a few seconds, but drivers are more likely to put off washing the rest of their cars.

Try to clean off bugs, dust and debris soon after you notice it. They create acidic compounds when mixed with rain, breaking down your paint.

Salt Corrosion

Salt and metal are an infamous mixture. If you live near the ocean, a protective coating is essential to prevent salt corrosion on your vehicle.

If you do experience paint damage, call Bumper Buddies. Our mobile dent and bumper repair service is a simple, cost-effective alternative to filing an insurance claim for minor vehicle damage. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to erase any dent, ding or scratch – we even offer paintless dent repair for some minor forms of damage. Submit your damage online or call (888) 711-5074 for a complimentary quote.

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