5 Ways to Remove Dents from Your Vehicle

Published On: September 30, 2020

At some point in our lives, we have all encountered a dent on our vehicle. No one ever wants to see damage to their vehicle. But fear not and keep calm, the issue can be resolved without much hassle as long as you have some understanding of the topic. Once you have stumbled upon a dent on your vehicle, here are some methods for you to remedy this issue. 

Hot N Cold

If you notice a smaller dent on your vehicle, two differing but similar methods that you could try out are expansion and contraction. With expansion, you would need a heat source that would help expand your vehicle and see the dent pop out. You can accomplish this by parking your car in an area that receives a fair amount of contact with the sun. Other ways to achieve this effect would be with heated water or a hairdryer, though you will need to be cautious with these two approaches to avoid damaging your vehicle. 

The Screwdriver Method

This method requires the use of a screwdriver blade and a hammer. Take a screwdriver blade and position its handle top towards the center of the dent. Then with your hammer, gently tap the screwdriver to pop out the dent. 

The Bathroom Plunger

This approach is likely more appropriate for larger dents. Take your plunger and create a suction by putting it over the dent. Once you feel like you are ready, pull the plunger up and hopefully you will have successfully also pulled the dent out as well.

Use the Rubber Mallet

Similarly with the screwdriver method, you will need to exercise caution with this approach. Take a rubber mallet and place it over the dent. Gently tap it with your mallet and pop the dent out.

Call the Experts

Lastly and likely the most preferable and recommended method for dent removal is calling a mobile dent repair company like Bumper Buddies to assess and address the issue. You don’t want to risk worsening the problem by attempting your own repairs. You want your car in the hands of trusted experts who know what they’re doing.

Bumper Buddies is the solution to all of your dent removal needs. Our mobile dent repair process is convenient and consumer-friendly aligning with our values of prioritizing the needs of our customers first. Whether you’re at work or at home, we will come to you and our world-class dent repair services will get the job done well in a timely manner. Give us a call today at (888) 711-5074 or text us at (949) 899-1055. We’ll give you a free auto dent repair estimate.

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