How to Check the Quality of Your Bumper Repair

Published On: June 17, 2020

If you’ve just undergone car bumper repair in Phoenix, you want to make sure that your vehicle is in acceptable shape when the job is done. Although any reputable bumper repair service will offer a satisfaction guarantee on their work, you should always look over your vehicle after it’s been repaired and make sure there are no signs of damage before you drive off. When it comes to bumper repair, Phoenix residents know that they can trust Bumper Buddies for high-quality, reliable car bumper repair. However, no matter who’s repairing your vehicle, you should always do these four things to check the quality of your bumper repair.

1. Inspect the damaged panel

The first thing you should do upon completion of your car bumper repair is inspect the damaged area. Check the affected body panel or bumper for any signs of indentation or scratching. If done correctly, this area should look as good as new and be restored to its original appearance. If you have a photo of your car before and after impact, this should help you compare the repair work to your car’s original state. If you have any questions about the repair procedures, ask your technician to walk you through the process in order to ensure that everything was done properly and with care.

2. Inspect the surrounding panels and inside the vehicle

When you receive a dent or crack to your vehicle due to an impact, it can often cause minor damage to other areas of the car such as the adjoining edges of surrounding panels. If your car door was the main panel affected, for example, the accident could also leave marks or scratches on the inside edges of the door well. Make sure that you not only inspect the main area affected, but also any surrounding panels and inside the panel as well, if possible. If your technician has missed these areas, point it out to them. Any reputable bumper repair service in Phoenix should fix these areas for you free of charge.

3. Check for any cracked, peeling, or thick paint

An untrustworthy car bumper repair service may leave you with a flawed paint job, even if they get the dent out of your bumper. Make sure that you look for any textural issues with the paint job, such as cracks, peeling, or unusually thick spots. These are red flags that indicate a bad bumper repair. When you receive a poor repair job, you’ll likely need to have the area re-repaired either right away or later down the line. Make sure that you inspect the quality of the paint job right after you receive your car back so that you can point it out right away and avoid paying for additional repairs that could have been avoided by using a more reliable mobile bumper repair service like Bumper Buddies.

4. Make sure the paint job blends seamlessly

Another thing to look out for is how well the new paint job matches your existing paint. The paint over your repaired area should blend seamlessly into your original paint job, with no noticeable difference whatsoever. If you are able to notice differing paint colors when your technician finishes your car bumper repair, alert him right away and have them fix the issue. At Bumper Buddies, we always use PPG paints that are computer-matched to guarantee a 100% match to your original manufacturer’s paint job. 

If you want high-quality bumper repair in Phoenix, look no further than Bumper Buddies mobile repair service. We consistently provide 5-star workmanship and customer service, and we offer a 3-year guarantee on all of our repairs. If you check over your vehicle and you’re unhappy with the work we’ve done, we’ll continue to come out and work on it until you’re fully satisfied. If you’d like to learn more about our car bumper repair services or receive a free bumper repair estimate, give us a call today at (602) 529-5956.

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