Why Does Bumper Repair Matter?

Published On: March 3, 2020

Car bumper repair can be easy to dismiss as optional. After all, it’s just a scratch or dent in the surface metal, right? Plus, going through the auto body repair process is such a hassle that it’s not even worth it, right? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong on both counts if you believe such things. With Bumper Buddies, our mobile body shop means getting your car’s cosmetic damage fixed has never been easier. This is important because bumper dent or bumper crack repair can be just as important to your car’s health as engine and brake maintenance. 

Even the most minor dents are ugly blemishes on your car or truck, especially if there’s paint damage or a crack in it. Over time, water can seep in under the paint and reach the unprotected metal of the car, causing it to oxidize and rust. Rust isn’t just ugly, it also threatens the structural integrity of your vehicle. Cracks can also cause the paint damage to spread even further, as weather, wear and tear, and even washing it can exacerbate the damage. This will cause more and more paint to flake away and make it even easier for rust to spread. 

Bumper damage also affects the resale value of your automobile. Exterior appeal matters when you’re trying to sell your car, and if a potential buyer sees damage to the car’s body or evidence of rusting, they won’t offer a very good price. Plus, an unrepaired dent can make you, the owner, look lazy and neglectful. They may start wondering if you’ve neglected critical systems of the vehicle like the engine, brakes, or transmission, and end up refusing to buy the car outright.


Given that even small dents and cracks can have larger consequences on your vehicle’s health, it’s important that you get them fixed sooner rather than later. After all, it’s better to have a small bumper crack repaired within a week than to wait a year and find out that your entire back end is in danger of falling off due to rust! Fortunately, with Bumper Buddies and our mobile bumper repair service, we can have minor repairs done in hours, not the days that conventional body shops take.

The last major reason to get mobile bumper repair is related to safety. Your car’s bumper is shaped in a specific way to help protect you in the event of an accident, absorbing the impact so that you don’t. However, even a small dent or crack can compromise this protection, causing more energy to transfer to you during a crash and increasing your chances of injury. Dents and cracks can also be indications of greater structural compromise in your automobile; a small crack can spread and eventually cause your bumper to detach, leaving you unprotected.

For all these reasons, you should have Bumper Buddies fix your bumper soon after it suffers any damage. Our mobile body shop enables us to perform bumper crack repair and other fixes across Southern California and the Phoenix area at rates lower than what you would get from a conventional auto repair service. If you’d like to learn more about our mobile bumper repair services or would like to receive a free estimate, give us a call at (888) 711-5074.

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