When You Should Replace Instead of Repair Your Bumper

Published On: October 18, 2019

Many Redondo Beach residents think that a damaged bumper is merely a cosmetic issue that doesn’t endanger you on the road. However, bumper damage can often compromise the bumper’s structural integrity, which can lead to more dangerous accidents in the future. For this reason, it’s always imperative that you seek out a bumper repair expert right away and have them assess the damage. Having a bumper that looks as good as new isn’t just a matter of vanity, it’s also a matter of safety. Although many types of bumper damage can be repaired, you may sometimes need to replace your bumper entirely in order to restore the full structural integrity of your vehicle. Here are some instances where you will likely need bumper replacement rather than bumper repair. 

Large Bumper Cracks

While small cracks and holes are reparable, large ones often aren’t. It’s possible to repair the cracks cosmetically, but the repairs will be extensive (and therefore expensive) and the structural integrity of your bumper will still be compromised. This loss of structure means that any future car crashes will be more dangerous, as your car bumper will offer you and your passengers less protection during impact. If you have large bumper cracks, it will be safer and more cost-effective to replace your bumper entirely rather than have it extensively repaired. 

Major Paint Damage

For the most part, paint damage is a cosmetic issue, and therefore it can usually be easily repaired. However, this is dependent on how extensive the paint damage is. If the majority of your bumper is covered in scratches and scrapes, then the work required to repair the entire bumper will not be worth the expense. Instead, it’s best to have your bumper entirely replaced. Scrapes and scratches can’t merely be painted over; they need to be sanded down and, in some cases, filled with a filler. Then, the entire bumper will need to be repainted to match the exact color of your car. Depending on the quantity and severity of scratches on your bumper, it might be more beneficial to order an entirely new bumper rather than repair the entirety of your original one.




Damaged or Broken Hooks

Bumpers have hooks on them that help them stay safely secured to the valance panel, grill, and splash guard. If these hooks are damaged or broken off, the bumper is at risk of falling off of your car partially or completely. Unfortunately, you cannot replace the hooks without replacing the rest of the bumper. If your car damage has resulted in broken or damaged bumper hooks, you will require a full bumper replacement in order to keep your vehicle safe to drive.

Large Bumper Dents

Moderate bumper dents are an easy fix for mobile bumper repair professionals like the team here at Bumper Buddies. However, there are occasionally dents so large that they’re impossible to repair properly. Some dents cannot be repaired without sacrificing the strength and integrity of your bumper, and we would never perform repairs that we aren’t confident are fully safe. Therefore, if you have large bumper dents in your vehicle, the safest and most economical choice is often bumper replacement. Luckily, with Bumper Buddies, bumper replacement is just as convenient as bumper repair. Our mobile bumper repair service will order the new bumper for you and travel to whichever location is most convenient for you to remove your old bumper and install the new one. 

With Bumper Buddies, there’s never any need to drop off your vehicle for days at a time, leaving you stranded or, at the very least, inconvenienced. We do everything we can to make the entire process quick, thorough, and hassle-free. If you’ve experienced bumper damage and you need a damage assessment, give Bumper Buddies Redondo Beach a call at (310) 340-0902. We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate and schedule an appointment for your earliest convenience.

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