Bumper Repair on a Leased Vehicle Through Bumper Buddies

Published On: May 9, 2019

Anyone in Laguna Niguel who has leased a car will know that the standard lease paperwork comes with a clause that states “ordinary wear and tear” as an acceptable amount of damage that won’t result in additional charges. However, dents, scratches, and other bumper damage falls outside of this “ordinary wear and tear” qualification and is likely to result in an expensive damage penalty or repair bill. There are several options though if you need to repair your leased vehicle before you return it to your dealer to avoid those penalties.

Your first option is to return the unrepaired car to the dealer at the end of the lease and accept the damage penalty imposed by the leasing company. If you prefer different options to avoid this penalty, you can either repair the problems through the dealership directly, report it to your insurance and repair it through their recommended body shop, or you can repair it through an affordable mobile bumper repair service like Bumper Buddies.

When assessing which option is best for you, there are several factors to consider: are you at fault for the accident? Does your insurance cover the damage? What can you afford to pay for bumper repairs? Repairs through the dealership are often more expensive than a bumper repair performed by a local auto body shop, and a local auto body shop is often much more costly than a mobile bumper repair service. It’s best to collect a range of cost estimates, including your dealership’s damage penalty, to assess your options before you turn in your vehicle. A repair through Bumper Buddies will cost far less than what your dealer would charge for a damage penalty or repair.

Bumper Buddies’ mobile bumper repair service will ensure that any damage to your bumper will look as good as new in a matter of hours. We’re able to clean, prep, reshape, and paint the area quickly and thoroughly through the convenience of our mobile station. We always use computer-matched PPG paint for each vehicle for a 100% color match. This ensures that your bumper will look entirely new and seamless with no unsightly discoloration or patches. Your leasing company won’t have a problem taking back your vehicle with high-quality repairs by Bumper Buddies.

Bumper repair performed by Bumper Buddies will cost far less than what the leasing company will charge for excess wear and tear when turning in your leased vehicle. Our repairs are always performed to the highest standard and in a timely manner at an affordable price. In fact, we’re so confident in our mobile bumper repair work that we even provide a 3-year satisfaction guarantee on all repairs. If you’re not happy with how your repair looks, we’ll come back out to your Laguna Niguel home or business and fix it until you’re completely satisfied. To receive a free quote or to schedule a repair service, call us at (888) 711-5074 today.


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