The Cost of Bumper Repair

Published On: September 24, 2018


Ever wonder where your money goes when you get your fender bender repaired? Do you ever feel like your repair is overcharged, but pressured to say yes to the steep pricing? At Bumper Buddies, we believe in being entirely honest with our customers 100% of the time. We can’t speak for other auto repair shops, but this is where your money goes with Bumper Buddies.

Our Resources

Whether you need a dent, scratch, or scuff repair, Bumper Buddies uses the latest and greatest tools available to fix up your car. As new auto repair tools come on the market, we keep up so we can ensure our repairs are perfect and in pristine condition. For example, our PPG paint is guaranteed to match your car’s paint color 100%. We use computer technology to match the color and then blend in the repair area with the rest of your vehicle.

The Labor

At a traditional auto body shop, high overhead costs are added to your quote. More often than not, it’s a big price tag, and there’s not much you can do about it because it takes them a few days to work on your car! At Bumper Buddies, most of our repairs are often complete within a few hours. Yes, you heard correctly. A few hours. Our labor costs are included in your quote, with none of the hefty overhead costs.

The Rent

Just kidding! We don’t have an actual auto body shop that requires a rent payment. We are a mobile auto body shop, meaning we don’t have rent costs that we need to pass on to our customers. Even though “rent” won’t be on a quote from the body shop, it’s included somewhere in between the lines. And guess what? The longer it takes for the traditional shop to repair your car, the more you’re helping them pay their rent.

We want to give you the best deal on the market and will always give you a fair price for a high-quality repair. Most of our auto body repair projects will be less than your deductible and require no obligation! If you’re not happy with our estimate, that’s okay! You have nothing to lose with Bumper Buddies because we’re 100% obligation free. Give us a call at (888) 711-5974 and get your FREE estimate today.

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