Inside Look at our PPG Paint

Published On: August 15, 2018


A common concern and question we get at Bumper Buddies is about our paint–will it match my car? The answer is YES! Using our computer technology, we can ensure a 100% match for any car color. Yes, even your brilliant white pearl.

We proudly use PPG paint to do all of our paint jobs. PPG is the largest finishing supplier for OEM and refinishing. For over 80 years, they have provided painting equipment and products that are ideal for any vehicle. It’s water based, meaning there is no odor or harsh chemicals that pollute the environment. PPG’s paint and technology has allowed companies like ours to reduce our manufacturing footprint and capital investment, as well as perfecting the paint job on every car the first time.

So whether Bumper Buddies is fixing up punctures, scuffs, cracks, scrapes, dents, or holes on your car, we’ll finish up with a flawless paint job, guaranteed. We’re so confident with our service that we guarantee your client satisfaction and have a 3 year warranty on all our works. Give us a call today at (949) 899-1055 for a free estimate and you can see for yourself what Bumper Buddies is all about.

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